Who are we?

Group Leaders

Gemma Emmett – Solution Architect
(Bluewolf – an IBM Company)
Gemma founded Ladies Be Architects in November 2017, whilst on her own #JourneytoCTA. Based in the UK, Gemma has 16 certifications and 10 years’ experience working with the Salesforce platform.
Gemma loves blogging, cats, travelling, Game of Thrones, true crime documentaries and spending time with her little girl, Mollie. Gemma’s husband also works with Salesforce and they love going to user groups and events!

Charly Prinsloo – Technical Architect
(Deloitte Digital US)
Charly joined Ladies Be Architects in April 2018. Based in Austin, Texas, Charly is 16x Certified and on the home stretch of her #JourneytoCTA. She has 13 years’ experience working with the Salesforce platform.
Charly loves spending her free time with her husband and 2 kids (and 2 dogs), doing creative designs, sewing, and anything blockchain.

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Our Vision

  • We want to see women take a leading role in supporting all Salesforce architect candidates – male and female
  • Help all of our members become better architects
  • We want more certifications being passed, through
    • Studying together
    • Sharing stories and experience
  • Celebrate all of our members’ achievements
  • Show the way – that you can become a Certified Technical Architect

Our Values

  • It’s not an exclusive girls’ study club. Anyone can be a member and attend a study group.
  • Study groups are run by women – this is because we need to work harder to inspire confidence in our fellow ladies
  • Women are under-represented in this space – we tend to beat ourselves up and convince ourselves we can’t do it
  • We decide what to study together
  • We record and share our content with the whole community
  • DON’T SPOIL IT: if you compete with people in the community, DON’T mention clients you’re working with. Please be sensible and adult so that we can keep this running.


  • We have monthly, virtual study groups
  • As a member, you vote for the exams and topics we cover
  • We regularly promote our study groups and sessions online and at Salesforce events
  • We have a close relationship with Salesforce and this enables our growth
  • We ask guest CTAs to inspire others and share tips and advice
  • We run quarterly “Ladies Be Inspired” sessions, with guest speakers – virtual
  • We plan to arrange meet-ups at Salesforce events


  • The APAC time zone is a tricky one to work with, especially when our leaders are UK and US-based
  • There are a few myths going around that it’s just for women
  • A shortage of female volunteers to run the study groups


  • Increased numbers of women passing architect certifications
  • More women running study groups
  • More women passing the Certified Technical Architect review board
  • Growth in attendance at study groups
  • Men attending study groups and telling friends about us on social media
  • Our study group content is regularly used and shared as study resources