Meet Our Awesome Allies: Eric Dreshfield

This is Eric Dreshfield – Advocacy Manager at Apttus, a Salesforce MVP, the Founder & Event Chair for Midwest Dreamin’ and South Indiana’s Salesforce User Group Leader.

He’s also a friend and supporter of Ladies Be Architects. Eric lives in southwestern Indiana, in a little map-dot town of about 400 people. He’s 20 minutes outside of Evansville, Indiana, which puts him 2.5 hours to Nashville, TN, Louisville, KY, and St. Louis, MO, as well as 3 hours to Indianapolis, IN.

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Member Stories: Rachel Park 🇺🇸

Rachel is a Salesforce Certified Administrator and has worked with numerous non-profits that are near & dear to her heart. A Salesforce Analyst at Slalom, with experience as an on-staff admin, Rachel is a “transplanted” New Yorker living in Los Angeles, so she misses good bagels and walking everywhere, which is why whenever Sex and the City is on, she just HAS to watch — it reminds her of her home in New York City.

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Meet Our Awesome Allies: Kid Jansen 🇳🇱

In the first of our blog series showcasing our #AwesomeAllies, we get chatting to Kid Jansen. Kid has a whopping sixteen certifications, including some Designer ones. In addition he is a public supporter of LadiesBeArchitects and is working with the Netherlands user group leaders to raise the profile of CTA in the Benelux region of Europe. We are very proud to feature his story!

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Member Stories: Prajakta Samant 🇮🇳

Prajakta Samant started her career with Accenture in 2006 as a Java developer and switched to Salesforce in 2009. She works for Eternus Solutions, based in Pune, India, as a Solution Architect. In addition to attending various inspiring user groups in her home town and speaking at community events such as Jaipur Dev Fest, Prajakta also leads the Women Who Code Pune initiative, inspiring women to excel in technology careers. She strives to make the world a better place by being kind to others. Her favourite book is “The Myth of the Nice Girl” by Fran Hauser.

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Member Stories: Jessika Botruff 🇺🇸

Jessika says she is definitely an accidental admin. Born and raised in western Nebraska, Jessika went to college at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where she studied bio-sciences. She was fortunate enough to work for a biotechnology as her first job after graduation. In 2007, they purchased Salesforce and it was the first system Jessika used to learn to build Sales reports. After listening to a talk given by Geraldine Gray at Jessika’s first Dreamforce in 2009, she knew Salesforce was her future. She currently works at FinancialForce.

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Elena Timofeeva 🇫🇮 on Why It’s OK to Fail

Try, fail, learn from failure, repeat.

This is what progress looks like.


Why is it worth it to go for certification?

Why is it still worth it, even if you feel there’s a big chance you will fail the exam?

Don’t be afraid to fail. The thing is, you’re going to learn a lot on the way, no matter of the exam result. You’re going to learn while preparing for the exam, and you’re going to learn while doing the exam. Yes, that’s right! Exam isn’t only for checking your knowledge. It will also teach you real-life scenarios, possible solutions, and help you to understand your white spots.

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Member Stories: Zarna Naik 🇮🇳

Zarna Naik has 8+ years of experience on the Salesforce platform. She was a user of Salesforce portals for about 2 years before going on to work for a leading Salesforce partner in the US. Zarna moved back to her hometown, Mumbai, India, in 2012 where she incorporated YES CRM Consultants. She is a big fan of the Harry Potter series 😊 and she loves to make useful products out of scrap. Zarna discovered Ladies Be Architects from Google!

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Member Stories: Ashley Allen 🇺🇸

Ashley Allen was born and raised in Southern California. USA. She is an entrepreneur, mother of 3, a non-binary lesbian and Salesforce consultant.

Shortly out of college, having just relocated to Buffalo, NY with her now ex-husband, Ashley found out she was pregnant with their second daughter. Broke and desperate for a job, she wanted to find work at home so that she could keep working after the baby was born. Ashley couldn’t afford to take time off because she was on partial government assistance at the time, and skipping work meant there wouldn’t be any food on the table.

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