August 2018 Champions

August 2018 Champions

This month brought 9 certifications to celebrate – and two other champions we want to call out for their contribution to Ladies Be Architects.

If your name is on here – congratulations and keep going! We’re all behind you.

Study Group Leaders

We want to give a massive thank you to Natalya Murphy for her commitment to running her Integration study group throughout June and July.  She did a great job – inspiring Blanca Leon-Carter to start her own #LBAJourneyToPD1 in the process.

Secondly, let’s take a moment to recognise Lynette Lim for giving up her Saturday nights (!) to help CTA review board candidates practice their review board presentations. Your efforts gave the community some recorded attempts to use as a reference point in their preparation – something it has never had before. Thank you.


Architect Certifications

Certified Administrator

Catherine Scannell


Platform App Builder

Christine Marshall


Data Architecture and Management Designer

Crystal Zhu


Integration Architecture and Management Designer

Swati Marda


Sandesh Kulkarni


Michelle Regal

Sharing and Visibility Designer

Nupoor Sharma


Platform Developer I

Carrie Hooper


Identity and Access Management Designer

Martin Humpolec


Application Architect

Carrie Hooper


System Architect

Martin Humpolec