CTA Mock Review Board: Zamunda Water – Tusar

We are thrilled that we have been able to share this with you – the first Ladies Be Architects mock review board session. Poor Tusar was selected to be the first presenter – and as well as the rest of the group being judges, we had Gustavo, a CTA with judging experience! Well done Tusar for taking on the mammoth task of going first.

Some great feedback and learnings from this experience. Thank you to everybody involved:

  • Tusar Panigrahi
  • Heather Thompson
  • Jitendra Zaa
  • Brian Mar
  • Gustavo Tandeciarz
  • Nidish Rekulapalli
  • Waruna Buwaneka
  • Gemma Emmett

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June 2018: Study Group VI: Community Sharing & Visibility

The registrations just keep on growing – 85 registrations this month! This was the first time we used YouTube live streaming, so it was a bit fiddly at first, but thanks to everyone for their patience.

Take a deep dive into the communities side of things:

  • Licences
  • Sharing Sets
  • Share Groups
  • Super Users

This session also includes a demo of the setup process and what you can expect to happen in Salesforce.

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Introducing the Ladies Be Architects Podcast!

It started with Charly having a chat with several people at Salesforce Connections in Chicago….and today, we give you our first episode!

UPDATE FROM Charly: and then I listened to Gillian Bruce‘s keynote at Texas Dreamin’ and #GillianMadeMeDoIt!

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Demystifying CTA in Amsterdam

In May, Gemma went to Amsterdam to speak at the Developer User Group: Demystifying CTA. It was an awesome event; we had the luxury of FOUR CTAs sat on our panel to answer questions from the group. It was so engaging, the meet-up went on until 10pm!

The Netherlands team has made Gemma’s opening presentation available and you can watch it here. Enjoy!

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Member Stories: Anchal Sharma 🇮🇳

We are very pleased to introduce you to Anchal Sharma! Anchal works as a developer on the core product team at ServiceMax. A passionate innovator and developer with 7+ years experience working for an Independent Software Vendor (ISV), Anchal is part of ServiceMax’s core product team in Bangalore, India, where she evaluates Salesforce features, using them … Read moreMember Stories: Anchal Sharma 🇮🇳